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Folklore Greek costumes for Men,MANIATIS The costume consists of: waistcoat, shirt, trousers, hat, sash from region Peloponnese more similar costumes MANIATISSA GIRL ,CORINTH ,MANI WOMAN ,MANIATISSA ,KITHERA TSIRIGO ,MANI WOMEN COSTUME ,MANIATIS, all handmade in Greece by Stamco, high quality garments

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The costume consists of
• waistcoat
• shirt
• trousers
• hat
• sash

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for costumes out of stock please contact us and we will produce (minimum 5 pieces) within 2-3 weeks we can modify the costume and use any fabric of our collection or embroider using designs from our traditional embroidery collection

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The Peloponnese (aka Moreas Morias or) is the largest peninsula in Greece and one of the nine geographic partitioning. Located south of the mainland and connected to mainland Greece by a narrow strip of land, the Isthmus of Corinth, which was constructed in 1893 eponymous canal, essentially turning it into an island. Moreover, since 2004, the Rion-Antirion connects the Peloponnese with mainland Greece and the rest of the mainland. The Peloponnese is divided into seven administrative districts (Achaia, Ilia, Messinia, Arkadia, Lakonia, Argolis and Corinth, with a small part of it belongs to the prefecture of Attica) and since 1986 in both regions, western Greece and the Peloponnese region (and a small section respectively in Attica). Has an area of ​​21,439 sq. km. km and a population of 1,086,935 inhabitants. An historic cradle of Hellenism and inhabited since prehistoric times. In this developed the Mycenaean civilization and lived the three main Greek tribes (Achaeans, Ionians and Dorians), while in the Peloponnese were some of the greatest Greek city-states such as Sparta, Corinth and Argos. Was the theater of most wars that took place in the Greek market with leading examples of the Peloponnesian War and the Greek Revolution, while it has various conquerors including Romans, Franks, Ottomans etc. Largest city in the Peloponnese Patras second largest city of Kalamata.
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Kiosse Konstantina
52050 Mesopotamia
Kastoria Greece
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All costumes are handmade in Kastoria Greece.

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